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In Mozilla Suite (and SeaMonkey), “Help → About” can open a new window to about: or a modal window with similar information. There were a number of outstanding issues with the modal window, so a preference toggled between the two. The preference and modal dialog have since been removed.

Possible values and their effects


“Help → About” will show a modal window with Mozilla information and contributors.


“Help → About” will open a new window/tab with Mozilla information and links to contributors and license information. (Default)


Mozilla Suite (M14–0.9.7)

The checkbox “Show ‘About’ as modal dialog” under “Edit → Preferences → Debug → Miscellaneous” toggles this preference between true and false.

First checked in

2000-02-06 by Ben Goodger

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since M14)
  • SeaMonkey (1.0–1.1)

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