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By default, Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey and Firefox versions prior to 3.0 store bookmarks in the bookmarks.html file, located in the profile folder. This preference lets you use a bookmarks file in a different location.

Starting in Firefox 3, bookmarks are stored in the places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder and this preference does not allow you to change that location (bug 385077). [1] [2]

Possible values and their effects

Any path with full write permissions by the current user is considered valid. In Windows, the path separator must be two backslashes, e.g., D:\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\bookmarks.html if the preference is being set in the prefs.js or user.js file instead of about:config.


  • This preference does not exist by default.
  • If this preference is set to a bookmarks file location shared by both Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey and Firefox, any live bookmarks contained in the bookmarks file may be rendered unusable in Firefox [3].
  • In some cases it is reported that using about:config in Firefox to set this preference will overwrite the file in the new location with the current Firefox bookmarks file [4]. Either make sure you have a backup copy of the bookmarks file in the new location or use the user.js file instead of about:config.


Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey

Open the Bookmarks Manager ("Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks") and go to "Tools -> Open Bookmarks File". Open the bookmarks file you want to be used.

First checked in

2001-05-19 by Gervase Markham

Has an effect in

  • Netscape (all versions since 6.1)
  • Mozilla Suite (all versions since 0.9.1)
  • Mozilla Phoenix (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firebird (all versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions)
  • SeaMonkey (all versions)

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