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There are several methods of bookmarking pages (or files) to choose from and most people will take advantage and appreciate a choice of different methods depending on the situation.


  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • "Ctrl+D" to bookmark the current page, or to type in a bookmark
    • "Ctrl+Shift+D" to bookmark all tabs, or with an extension to bookmark selected tabs
  • Mouse shortcuts -- a bookmark folder may be in the Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar, Unsorted Bookmarks
    • Drag Link or selection to or within a bookmark folder
    • Drag location bar favicon to or within a bookmark folder
    • Drag a tab to or within a bookmark folder
    • Ctrl+Drag a tab to the Bookmarks Toolbar or to the Bookmarks menu or Bookmarks sidebar (Firefox 8+)
    • Ctrl+Drag to duplicate a bookmark
    • Drag a History item or selection to a bookmark folder (see Sidebars below)


  • Menus -- Bookmarks Menu or Bookmark Folder (Personal toolbar), or Library Folder (all of these can have folders and sub-folders):
    • "Add Bookmark Here..." (added by an extension)
    • "Bookmark This Page" (Ctrl+D)
    • "Subscribe to This Page"
    • "Bookmark all Tabs..." (Ctrl+Shift+D)
  • Context menu -- Main context menu
    • "Bookmark This Link"
    • "Copy Selected Links to Clipboard" (added by Linky Extension)
  • Bookmark (and bookmark folder) context menu
    • Copy bookmark(s)
    • "Add Bookmark Here..." (added by an extension)
    • "New Bookmark..."
    • "New Folder..."
    • "New Separator..."
    • Cut, Copy, Paste of link(s), bookmark(s), folder(s)
Copied links and bookmarks can be pasted from clipboard into the same or another bookmark folder, or before a bookmark. Bookmarks can be copied from clipboard into bookmark folders of another profile.
  • Tab context menu
    • "Bookmark This Tab"
    • "Bookmark All Tabs..."
    • "Bookmark Selected Tabs to a New Folder" (added by MTH extension)
  • Bookmark folder context menu
    • "Add Bookmark Here..." (added by an extension)


You can drag or copy and paste from the History Sidebar (Ctrl+H) to the Bookmarks Sidebar (Ctrl+B) in another window allowing you to bookmark several items from a selection of history items without having the pages in view. You can paste to any bookmark folder from your history, the sidebar is just an example.

Star button

Star button. The new star button (Firefox 3) in the location bar lets you quickly add a new bookmark with a single click. A second click brings up the Bookmark dialog to let you file and tag your new bookmark. [1]

  • Click on the star in the Location bar to bookmark a page or bring up the Bookmarks dialog

Change a bookmark

  • Right-click on a link to bring up bookmark properties. This method can be used to create a new bookmark from an unwanted bookmark.

Copy bookmark

  • Copy ("Ctrl+C") a Bookmark within a folder and paste ("Ctrl+V") to same or another bookmark folder.

Syncing bookmarks

(place holder) no information here yet for Firefox 4


(place holder) bookmarklets would be expected to follow the other methods described

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