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This preference allowed users to disable image loading in the browser. Its name is fairly similar to the Netscape Communicator equivalent, “general.always_load_images”. For a time it coexisted with the preference that eventually replaced it.

The preference remained in all.js until recently, so it appeared as an entry in about:config long after the code that checked it disappeared.

Possible values and their effects


Automatically load images in webpages. (Default)


Do not load images in webpages.


This preference has since been superseded by the preference network.image.imageBehavior and, more recently, the permissions preference permissions.default.image. Both of the replacements offer a finer grain of control over image loading.


Mozilla Suite Alpha M3–M15

A checkbox labeled “Automatically load images” is located under “Edit → Preferences → Advanced”.

First checked in

Present since at least 1999-06-04. Exact checkin date unknown.

Has an effect in

  • Mozilla Suite Alpha (Milestones 3 through 15)

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